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We’re designing the platform to show the risk of COVID-19 exposure at the building level. While the product has been initially designed to understand COVID-19 risks, we will add location exposure risk indexes for all known viruses, such as Influenza A and B, SARS, and MERS.

Roamwell uses data from multiple sources, along with information you choose to share in the app. The app applies computer algorithms to the data and provides you with a personal COVID-19 risk index, as well as a building risk index associated with any place you might visit, like a school, grocery store or work. Roamwell’s trusted, hyperlocal data helps you reduce your COVID-19 exposure risks. Roamwell is not a contact-tracing or spying technology. It does not accept or promote ads. Users are always offered a free version of the mobile app.

Unlike COVID-19 reported statistics, Roamwell provides actionable insights and risk indexes at the building level to support informed movement decisions. By aggregating trusted public health data and using computer algorithms, we can provide daily risk insights at a building level. We’re like a map or a weather app, but for pathogens.

Currently, Roamwell works for COVID-19. Our technology is multi-pathogen and we plan to cover additional pathogens in the future.

The Personal Risk Index (PRI) shows your mortality risk if you contract COVID-19. The higher the number the greater the risk. This PRI is calculated based on inputs you provide about yourself, and reflects the mortality risk for other people with similar characteristics (e.g, age, sex, health status). Providing your personal information is up to you.

Gender, age, weight, height, and ethnicity are required to calculate your Personal Risk Index (PRI). Optional information increases the PRI accuracy, like your COVID-19 vaccination status and pre-existing medical conditions. Per the Center for Disease Control, people with certain risk factors are more prone to serious illness, hospitalization, or death if infected with COVID-19. It’s important for you to learn how one or more risk factors can influence your risk score so you can take precautions that reduce your risk of severe illness or death if you contract COVID-19.

No personal information is required to calculate the Location Risk Index, only the location address.

Yes. All personal data you choose to share with Roamwell remains secure and private. Your information is protected by security, technical and physical measures. All personal information collected is securely transferred over the computer network to determine your risk score, then securely stored on only your device. This information is never stored on our computer servers or databases. No user data is ever shared or sold. Learn more about Roamwell privacy

Except your email, no other personally identifiable information is accessible to anyone within the Pandemic Insights organization. Your email and password are encrypted and stored within Roamwell. Your email is securely accessible to the app’s administrator. Because we never share or sell your personal data to anyone, your information is not accessible to any third party.

Currently, Roamwell works in the US only. We are adding additional countries in 2022.

A mobile version of the app will be made free of charge to ensure equal access to everyone, including high-risk and underserved communities. Pricing for additional app feature sets as well as the more robust products for business and public health agencies will be announced in the future.

No. A user must be 18 years of age or older to download and use the app.

Yes – we expect to release this premium app soon.

Roamwell Business and Roamwell Index will be available in 2022. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the beta program.

The Roamwell Index API will be generally available in 2022. If you are interested in augmenting your solutions with COVID-19 risk assessments, please contact us.

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